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As a marketer and entrepreneur, Dean Spinato has an extensive background in web development, SEO, and branding with an affinity for impact marketing. Mr. Spinato’s multifaceted background coupled with his ability to develop strategic partnerships creates profitability and heightens brand awareness for his clients.

After establishing Islandwide Hockey league, the largest high school roller hockey league in the US, Mr. Spinato realized that creating a successful business required great marketing. He built the website for Islandwide, generated connections, and developed the marketing strategy that would turn the league into an online phenomenon and grab the attention of other companies. This experience and the realization of the importance of marketing is what would set the course for Mr. Spinato’s future endeavors.

It was in 2009 that Dean Spinato founded and launched his own marketing company, Tiedin Media, formerly known as Powerplay International. The company quickly established itself as an innovative leader in the marketing and web development industry. It was soon after its launch that top clients would seek Mr. Spinato’s expertise to aid in developing their business and establishing their brand. He has worked with members of the sports world such as Hall of Fame Quarterback Fran Tarkenton, former New York Yankees Jim Leyritz, Cecil Fielder. Sports agents such as Coastal Advisors, TPG Hockey, and he was a consultant to the CEO of Modell’s, Mitch Modell. Mr. Spinato has also worked with top CEOs such as Dennis Kozlowski, Real Estate entrepreneur Jason Meister, Actor and comedian Joe Piscopo, Reality T.V. star Jenni “JWoww” Farley, and many more. Dean Spinato has also worked with Vikki Ziegler on, through his strategic marketing, developing, and valuable connections the site has become a lead-dating site for divorcees.

In addition to working with a variety of high profile clients, Dean Spinato is involved with multiple companies. He is the president of Anti 3, a line of antibacterial cleansers created for athletes, which was formulated in 2014. He is also in charge of the marketing and branding operations for Pink Tie, a charitable organization. Mr. Spinato’s extensive background, valuable experience, and long list of connections makes him a triple threat in the marketing industry.