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Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are necessary to ensure your branding maintain consistency

When you choose Idea Stream Marketing to work on your branding, you're also choosing a team of experienced individuals who will help you maintain a consistent brand. We create branding guidelines for you to distribute to any company you work with so they know exactly how to use your branding, which guarantees consistency.
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Our brand guidelines will make it simple and efficient to understand aspects of your brand

Ensure that your entire team and other companies you are working with understand how to use your brand. Whether your logo is being featured on a backdrop or you're creating an advertisement, brand guidelines help everyone you work with use your logo, fonts, and color scheme in the correct way.

Logo Guidelines

Our brand guidelines will explain how your logo should and shouldn't be used on marketing materials including sizing and colors.

Font Guidelines

The brand guidelines we create for you will feature a list of the fonts used and how to use them including headers and body copy.

Color Guidelines

We will also provide the color codes of your branding including pantone, RGB, and CMYK so that whether print or web, your brand's colors stay consistent.