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Branding Materials

Create cohesive branding with printed brand materials that align with your brand identity.

Your brand design needs to be cohesive across all facets of marketing; this includes business cards, brochures, folders, flyers, and more. At Idea Stream Marketing, we ensure there is a consistency in all of your brand materials, creating stunning designs that communicate your brand’s message to your target audience.
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We design branding materials that will effortlessly communicate your business' messaging across the board.

Every company should have printed branding materials that tie into their brand identity. Having these materials to hand to potential customers ensures your business remains in the forefront of their memory.

Business Cards

One of the most important aspects of your printed materials includes business cards. This allows customers to easily have access to your contact information as well as helps them to understand who you are as a business.


If you want to communicate your company's services in detail then flyers are a great hand out to offer potential customers. At Idea Stream Marketing we offer stunning flyer designs in a variety of sizes that can be customized for your business' needs.


Folders add a sense of professionalism to your company's branding. If you have a handful of print materials to provide to potential or current customers then presenting them in a folder adds credibility to your business. Our high-quality folders will help you impress your audience.


Looking for a company way to communicate information about your business to potential customers? The brochures may be the perfect solution. We can help you create beautiful brochures that organize information about your business allowing customers to effortlessly learn more about what you offer.