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Social Media Paid Ads

Reach more of your target audience with expertly created paid social ads.

At Idea Stream Marketing we are highly capable at creating paid social media ads based on your target audience demographics and daily budget. This helps you reach further than you could with organic social media posts, in turn, increasing business.
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We create paid social media ads based on age, gender, location and more.

By gaining an innate understanding of your target audience, we are able to capture the exact demographic your are looking to advertise to.

Targeting Your Desired Demographic

The best aspect of using paid social media ads is that you can target specific audiences based on their age, gender, location and even their interests. This means you are reaching parts of your target audience you couldn't before.

You Set Your Own Budget

You set your own daily budget when creating social media ads, which means we can easily test how your ads will work without your spending a lot of money. At Idea Stream Marketing we can also help you set a budget that we feel will be effective and work for you.